Monday, April 14

Paper Stained Glass Easter Egg!!!


How to make a stained glass paper Easter egg

This was a little project I did with my grandkids.  They had so much fun!  They were all coloring and it didn't matter how they colored or if they went outside of the lines.  Just a great big scribbling fest!

How to make a stained glass paper Easter egg

I picked up some poster paper (15 cents a foot) at a craft store, drew the egg on it with a pencil and let the grandkids go at it!

I did a little "how to" video with instructions to make the stained glass paper Easter egg and also for the solid colored Easter egg too.  Just click below or on any of the photos to start the video :)

How to make a snowflakish Easter Egg!!!
You can decorate a whole house with these large (3 feet by 2 feet) Easter eggs.  You can buy the poster paper in a lot of different colors: pink, red, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange, etc. 

I get more compliments on these simple to make paper Easter eggs than I do on any of my other Easter decorations.

Have so much fun with this quick and easy project and . . .

Happy Easter Time!!!

Friday, April 11

Easter Egg Time!!!

Happy Happy April Everyone!!!
Isn't springtime the best; not too hot, not too cold, just right . . .

Easter is later this year.  This is good, it's given me time to make something I've wanted to do for a long time.
My mom has this wire tree on a rock that she purchased years and years ago.  When I was a kid, I got to hang cute little miniture Christmas ornaments on it.
Years later after I was grown and gone, my mom started hanging hearts on it for Valentines Day, then eggs for Easter, then little bats and jack o' lanterns on it for Halloween.
Anyway, I have wanted a tree like that for a long time and have never seen one in any stores, so I made one and it was easy!!!

How to make the wire tree
Just click on the photo above or on the link below for a "how to" video I did to show you how to do it:

The possibilities are endless on how big you want to make it, or how wide you want the trunk, or what color wire to make it with.  You can also choose how full of branches you want the tree to have etc.

The eggs are a fun, quick, and easy project too.  Not to mention, perfect for my little tree!

How to make clay Easter eggs
These cute Easter eggs are made from oven bake clay.
Here's a "how to" video I did to show you how to make them, just click on the photo above or on the link below:

How To Make Easter Egg Ornaments

The clay eggs can also super easily be made into earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace.  And you can make them any size you want.  Here's a pic of the ones I made with a ruler, so you can see how big they are.

How to make clay Easter eggs

Enjoy this lovely springtime and Easter season!!!

Wednesday, January 22

Weave a Heart Basket

Here is a really fun Valentines project to make.  
The "how to" video I did has step-by-step instructions.  The link is immediately below:

If the kids need something to hold their Valentines in from school, this heart basket is perfect and it is easy to make.

The large size (shown above)makes a great door decoration and you can either leave it empty or fill it with with stuff for your door decor (fillers could include red and white tulle, artificial flowers, more hearts, red cellophane, or whatever!).

On the large heart basket, I used two sheets of poster board (a red one and a white one).  For smaller ones, you can use regular copy paper or scrapbook paper.

The smaller heart basket also makes a pretty Valentine decoration and a great gift with a heart shaped sugar cookie or other Valentine candies inside of it!

This heart basket is a project for adults and kids both. It is quick and easy and only involves paper and scissors (a pencil, ruler, and tape or stapler are handy too).

Happy Valentines Day preparations!!!
~Feel the love start to flow ~

Monday, January 20

Scandinavian Star Bow

When I first saw this star bow, it was as a Christmas decoration.  I've seen it on gifts, as a tree ornament, and also as a Christmas tree topper. 

With two different colors of paper, I thought the star bow decoration would be super cute as a red and white Valentine decoration.
Here is a link to the You Tube video I made on how to fold the Star Bow:

For those with secret romantic inclinations, you can write love notes on the strips of paper or ribbon before you fold it for your lover to undo and read.  Oh!

The finished Star Bow measures 4 1/2 inches.  This size bow uses 1" by 20" strips of paper.  For a larger star bow you would use longer and wider strips of paper or ribbon (and, of course, for a smaller star bow, you'd use narrower and shorter strips of paper).

I will be using this as a hanging decoration on my three corner cupboard for Valentines Day.  Maybe, I'll use it as a gift topper too, if I actually decide to give anyone a Valentines gift, hmmmm.

This is a lot of fun to fold as long as the paper strips don't rip.  Ribbon is easier to work with, but it doesn't seem to hold its shape as well and it comes apart more easily.

Have a loving time getting into the Valentines spirit!!!

Wednesday, December 18

Christmas Tree Lanterns

I know . . . time is running short.  Here is a quick and easy craft to keep youngsters busy while you get your baking and wrapping done.  
Here is a link to the step-by-step You Tube video I made on how to fold the light lantern:

All they need is a piece of copy paper.  Really that is all.  Oh, maybe some scissors to cut the paper into a square.

Then they just follow the video (and they can start the video, pause it, stop it, watch it over and over, to follow each fold to make, then they blow some air into it to puff it up) and make the origami paper mini light bulb cover. 

If you have colored tree lights then the white paper takes on the color of the light bulb.  If your tree lights are all white, you can use different colors of copy paper to make the lanterns a variety of colors. 

In the above picture the red and blue lanterns are made of white paper.  The yellow lantern was made with pastel yellow copy paper.
Or just use white paper on white lights to diffuse the light and make a beautiful larger soft light.

It's really amazing to see how this little paper lantern can transform a mini light!  You just slip the lantern over the light bulb --- it's so easy and the effect is amazing!!!

Disclaimer:  Use at your own disgression.  Do not cover any lights that produce any heat.  You are responsible for your safety in using these lanterns on safe lights. 

These origami lanterns are also used as water balloons.  So once the kiddies learn how to fold the lantern, then they can fold them for water balloons in the summertime!  Cool, huh!!!

Tuesday, December 10

Sheep Decoration/ Ornament

Merry Christmas! 
This is my favorite time of year.  It's also so busy, cold, and stressful.  So here is a fun and quick (yet adorable) Christmas decoration or Christmas tree ornament to make.

You will need some sheepy like material (an 8" by 8" piece), strong thread and needle, brown felt,  glue ( I use a glue gun ), and some kind of stuffing (either batting or cotton balls), and either 2 beads or felt for the eyes. 

 I like this decoration/ ornament because it symbolizes part of the Christ story of Christmas instead of all the Santa stuff.  It's good to have balance, right?

Here's a helpful howto link to a You Tube video I did showing how to put the sheep together:

My wish to you this Holiday Season is time to enjoy.  Enjoy the magic of Christmas in music, decorations, yummy food, family, friends, and worship.

Wednesday, September 11

It's Autumn time, it's autumn time!

We are really feeling fall here.  It has cooled down so much in the last week and we have had a lot of rain, making it sweater weather.  It may return to the 80-90 degree weather we had 2 weeks ago, but for now it is definitely autumn. 

My pumpkins have mostly turned orange and they are so festive.  Two of the pumpkins are larger than any pumpkin I've EVER grown before.  I'm so excited to put them on my front porch!
This is the big one, hiding in the leaves.  If I remember I'll take another pic of it when I have it on my porch so you can tell how big it is compared to the other small pumpkins.

To go with my pumpkin fever, here's a lil' punkin (yes, it is little about 1-2 inches tall) crochet project that works up in about 5 or 10 minutes.  Really, this crocheted pumpkin is so easy. 
Here is a link to an easy step-by-step You Tube video I did showing how to make this adorable 'lil punkin':

Btw, these are really cute on a headband!

 Okay, that ought to do it for pumpkins for one day. 
 Have fun punkining :)  Whatever that is!

Friday, September 6


My favorite time of year is here. 
Harvest time!  Fall time!  Autumn time!
I love the pumpkins growing in my pumpkin patch.  I love the cooler temps at night.  I love the smell of the air.
The leaves are just starting to change to beautiful fall colors in the mountains.  I also love sweaters and sweat shirts.  Yes indeed, a great time of year!

I've been making autumn decorations and having fun dressing the inside of my home to match the harvest time outdoors.

Here is a link to a you tube video I did of the pumpkin centerpiece that I've been making (it has step-by-step instructions):

All you need is scrapbook paper, scissors, glue, and a stapler.  So easy!!!
I also made a bunch of smaller (fan fold type) pumpkins out of less expensive orange copy paper.  They look cute together in a pumpkin grouping.
Here's the link to the video I made for the smaller pumpkins:

Now I think I need to go bake up some pumpkin cookies (with chocolate chips, of course!).
Happy Happy Harvest to you :)

Friday, August 9

Crochet Accessories!!!

Here they are ------ the crochet accessories.  There is the crochet heart, the crochet poinsettia, the crochet butterfly, and a crochet flower.  The flower is an older pattern that has already been covered, but I decided to throw it in too (since it can also be attached to a hairband or whatever by way of a button).

First, the crochet heart.  This design is the easiest and works up the quickest.  Someday, I'm going to make a Valentine heart garland for my fireplace using this crochet heart pattern.  Enough said, here is the link to the you tube "how to" video I made:

Next, is the crochet poinsettia.  I love this and it is very fun to crochet.  I think it will be very pretty for you on a sweater or coat in the wintertime.  The crocheted poinsettia would also be so cute on your purse or handbag or crocheted hat.

Here's the link for the "how to" video for the crocheted poinsettia:

Last, but not least is the fun crochet butterfly.  This one is a little more involved.  It has a yarn color change and some back and forthing for the antennaes and wings.  But it works up quickly after you have completed one of them and kids (girls mostly) love them!
Here's the link for the "how to" video for the crochet buttherflies:

Oh, the flower can be found in an older post at:  How to crochet a flower

One more thing, these crochet accessories for hairbands, sweaters, hats, bags, bedrooms, or towels, etc., can also be crocheted with crochet thread instead of yarn.  The items in the picture below are done with a size "F" hook and size 3 crochet thread.  The crochet thread gives them lacy, delicate look.

And just one more thing again, if you are interested, here is a link to the you tube video I did for crocheting the hat:

What fun projects and I love projects that I can make for myself and as gifts for others.  These crochet items fit the bill ;)

I hope you have so much fun making them!

Thursday, August 8

Another fun headband!

I have wanted to do a super simple crocheted headband for a long time, with optional cutsy things to add to it.
After thinking about it and putting it off, I finally started working on it, and now (I'm typing this as I pat myself on the back) I'm done with the whole project!!!!! 
Wahoo!!!  Woot! Woot!
The crochet headband is so easy.  It uses only a single crochet stitch and a chain stitch.

So let's get started.  I used a size "I" crochet hook and you can use any regular yarn or "Soft" yarn too.  I used Caron Simple Soft yarn.

Here's a link for a youtube howto video I did that shows how to crochet the headband step-by-step:

For a 1" wide headband, start with 4 chain stitches and work 3 single crochet stitches for every row until it is the length you want for a snug fit (not too tight and not too loose).

For a 1 1/2" wide headband, start with 6 chain stitches and do 5 single crochet stitches per row.

For a 2" wide headband, start with 8 chains and do 7 single crochet stitches per row.

If you want to make some headbands with crochet thread, I used size 3 crochet thread and an "F" crochet hook.  For a 1" wide headband, you will start with 5 chains and work 4 sc for each row.

I will talk about the poinsettia, heart, and butterfly in my next post.
Make some headbands fast so you will be ready to add the accessories (heart, poinsettia, butterfly, flower) to them.

I want to thank my cute lil' 2 year old granddaughter for modeling for me.  She really liked the poinsettia on her hairband.  She liked the heart too.  She likes the butterfly best, but I didn't get a pic of that one on her.  Just gotta love her wild red hair!

 She is an angel!  (and a spitfire too -- ha, ha)
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